God liked the idea!

Have you ever been surprised when you told someone something you had in mind and they liked it? How about when you wanted to do something and a teacher or parent encouraged you, saying that was a great goal or ambition you had? Have you ever thought that God might want to be that type of encourager in your life?

It can be a foreign thought for most of us. We think God is to encouragement as Satan is to truthfulness. The problem is that if we think this is so we have already denied the incongruity of the second part. We do believe Satan speaks truth. Why? Because Satan is the one who would have us believe that God is not an encourager.

See the thing is, he wouldn’t just have us believe that God is not given to encouragement, he must convince us that God is not an Encourager. This task is laid upon him, as the (d)eceiver, because the truth is so blatantly against him on this. God loves to lift up His people; He loves to give us hope. There is no length He wouldn’t go to help us and make us well. The fact is that He has already proven this by going to the greatest length: the Cross.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

What could be more encouraging than that: God loves us and draws near to us, not just forgiving us of our sins, but being willing to cleanse us from them. Oh, how that impairs Satan’s plans for us! He would like to lead us unwaveringly to destruction in our rebellion against God. When God gets in the way of that through Christ, how He crushes the head of our enemy! When Satan tried to stop Christ from His mission of encouraging (saving) us, Christ allowed Himself to be slaughtered for our sins so that in our belief in Him He should forever silence all the catcalls of hell against His name and against the sons and daughters of mankind that He loves.

The next time Satan tries to encourage you to believe that God is not your greatest Encourager, remind yourself that the only one who benefits from you believing that is him. But, if you choose to believe that God is your encouragement it will only fortify your strength and soften your heart towards Him. You will be able to love Him because you truly recognize His love for you. You will even become an encouragement yourself because you will not be able to keep the Encourager to yourself! Now that’s certainly an idea that gets God excited. How about you?