God, thanks for the privilege of not letting me understand You…all the way

Sound like a slightly ironic bit of gratitude? Yeah, I would have thought so too, yesterday. But not today. Today, everything is different–God has revealed Himself to me in a new way. Revelation after revelation has been built upon each other to get me to the point where not understanding God is a blessing.

Let me explain. I love to know God. I use know here as a verb, which makes it a word that implies action and/or a state of being. I am saying that I like to experience God in a way that is always imparting fresh knowledge of the most personal kind about who He is. I enjoy the adventure of developing intimacy with the God who made me.

Yet, at times, in the midst of this adventure, I need to recognize that God is not purely know-able; there is more to Him than can be plumbed. Knowing Him is the greatest invitation I could have, but I cannot fully appreciate this invitation if I believe that in accepting it I can unlock every door there is in His person. Intimacy is only of value to the extent that there remains enough of a sense of mystery to fuel the desire for more depth.

Therefore, God extends significant grace when He reveals to me that despite my wealth of knowledge about Him, there is still plenty that I don’t know. He is inviting me, perhaps indirectly, to move forward in the adventure. He is prompting me to not stay still–to learn to love Him more even though I can never know all the perfect intricacies of the One I love. Oh, the wonderful majesty of the lack we face! Do you agree that we who yearn to know God have reason to be grateful that His mystery remains ever mighty?

2 thoughts on “God, thanks for the privilege of not letting me understand You…all the way

  1. Thanks for sharing, Elaine
    Reminds me of something I read elsewhere that God cannot be put under a microscope and prodded and poked … The getting to know Him process involves relationship, not investigation.
    God bless you,

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