What gives you a testimony–and why do you consider it worth sharing with me?

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say they have a testimony? You may think, How could believing in Jesus–an ancient Jewish rabbi–give you a testimony–especially since you’re better off than He is…being alive and all? That’s a good question, my friend.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, testimonies are not glossed over sales-pitches for a religious conversion scheme. We have more to our testimonies to communicate than that. We want you to hear what God’s done because it has made a difference. We want to share with you the doubts we came into this journey with and how they have one-by-one been laid to rest.

Not all of it is going to make sense to you–we know this because it didn’t make sense to us in the beginning either. We experts on what we speak about, so you needn’t feel intimidated. We just want to share the little of what we understand concerning monumental and infinite things. We want to introduce you to the One Who exposed us to Truth greater than anything we ever dreamed of so that you will not miss the opportunity to see things for how they really are–both now and in eternity. This is the greatest gift we can give you, and we don’t want to be lax in extending it. We only have something to give you because we have received it first ourselves.

That’s all. Now, if you’d like to hear a really good one, go ask that friend of yours who doesn’t seem to make any sense because they’re now “born-again.” Find out what happened to bring the change; and, perhaps in the process, you’ll learn why you’ve been thinking so negatively of the change. Maybe they really are better off than they were to begin with…and maybe you will be too!


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