Losing what you wish to once you find what you need

It can be so frustrating when you lose something you need–especially when you have only a certain amount of time to locate it. Ugh! Wee wish we had all knowledge and understanding–and maybe a pinch of x-ray vision. Or perhaps a word from God to direct the course of our search. But regardless of our greatest efforts and most pious wishes, some things remain ever after lost. In some cases this endangers our happiness. In other cases–if it is the right thing that we have lost–we learn to live without it, even improve our living because of our new “lack.”

What am I talking about? How about guilt? So many of us walk around with perpetual unsettledness over something we have done or not done–and, in particularly grevous cases–over the actions of someone else which have intertwined with us in a negative way. We carry so much baggage, sometimes not even knowing that this is not meant to be normal–a state never meant to change.

Yet, who but Christ should tell us that we have been granted freedom from guilt? Who has such authority–such comprehension of our situation–but Him? He who sees all sin; and indeed, has taken every particle ever belonging to man and cleansed us from its stain with His blood? If you do not know the truth of our Savior’s crucifiction and blessed resurrection, do not hang back waiting to be passively impressed by its relevance to your life.

Run after knowledge of this with all your heart. Consider this to be the only water capable of slaking your spiritual, emotional, physical thirst. Consider it so because it is the deepest, truest fount there is and you are the thirstiest human there could be. Still not convinced? Investigate then, and if you find that thirst is awakened that you had not realized previously, reckon the waters you have tested to be authentic and more fit for you than any other.

Don’t he afraid to take this plunge–to come to Christ for the expunging of your sins, the satisfying of your thirst. Don’t be afraid unless it reduces its claims to be aligned with the pithy claims of the world that have yet to usher you into true and lasting life. I don’t want to pressure you on this; I want to awaken your senses to the pressure that is already on you. Be assured, if you sense no pressure, there is no Spirit seeking you out. But, if you do feel pressure–and especially if it deepens over time–know that you must respond.

Pressure is the product of a direct force and it is initiated by a person. Don’t let lesser pressures in your life–caused by lesser persons–to crowd out this greatest Pressure. Shift whatever you have to in your life to be able receive its fullest impact, to know the meaning of it. Do this, and you will be surprised at what blessing you find lurking on the other side this spiritual stress-indicator. But, don’t merely take my word for it–check it out for yourself!

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