What makes you think laughter is such an un-Divine thing?

Does God laugh? If so, what excites that reaction in Him? Is it us, like people say? Yes? Well what are we doing when He guffaws and is it a nice, joy-filled laughter or is it a harsh, sarcastic judgment that’s more like a snort? Does God laugh and is it something we can join in with Him?

I not only hope that this is so, I’ve experienced this to be the case in various times with Him. Having those moments together makes me want to have more. They have opened my heart to Him more as I have discovered a side of Him I never guessed was there. A part He meant for me, for us, to share. One more way to enrich our relationship.

You see, there is no innate part of our person-hood that God does not share. Our person-hood came from Him and the best parts of us are but pale reflections of His perfect image. Sin taints us, but it in no way affects the essence of His character. Therefore, we cannot consider ourselves to be the best demonstration of personality, we should worship Him because we find that this great honor belongs chiefly to Him.

Because we share His likeness–and yet recognize in Him none of our own sinful–we can find joy in relating to Him. Any cause for fear (in the negative sense) has been decomposed at the cross. The only thing that has–or will–ever come between us and God is our sin and at Calvary Christ destroyed all of its power in His body. It can no longer separate from God those of us who receive His salvation.

Because all this is true, we acknowledge that His sacrifice had all authority over our relationship with God and our lives. Now consider, how could laughter–the by-product of joy–be foreign to a God who would give us such grace as this? In the gospel He displays the ultimate delight–one that would come after guilty sinners to restore them to His heart and home simply because of love. He would seal us for the redemption that will one day take us Home to be a part of that endless celebration that will be so rich with heavenly pleasure that laughter and mirth will ring from the doors. If these are the things that characterize His plan, must they not also be the things that characterize the Person?

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