Is my life just a giant stress magnet?!

Does this sound like a question that mirrors your agitation today? You’re just waiting for rest to come and overtake you from some far off corner of your life. The problem is that nothing in your life offers the rest and reprieve that you’re looking for–it can only add more strain to your already weary heart.

Ugh! It just makes me want to scream at times. One person wasn’t meant to handle such stress! But, what were we meant to handle? Where can we look for to discover not just relief, but a pleasant burden that will restore us? Could be found in immersing ourselves in the love, grace and kindness that has overflowed to us from God today?

Is there a way to quiet ourselves right where we are and, instead of screaming at God for help, thank Him for all the ways that He’s already been helping us? If you have been missing these ways, be mindful that it is not hard for us to disregard God’s activity in our lives when we have been too busy being perturbed by our situation and overly concentrated on our own resources.

Can’t find anything to thank Him for? Try starting with that person you marvel out for their ability to get on your last nerve with every word that comes out of their mouth. Sound too hard? Yeah, I’ve been thinking that too. But, let’s ask ourselves: What are our other options? Continue complaining and spewing hate mail with our thoughts? These things only drain our energy and load us down with guilt and self-pity. If we’re looking for a pain-killer, these two aren’t it.

A life without peace is unbearable, but we shouldn’t look to ourselves for the peace we crave. We are peace-loving–yes, peace-needing–creatures, but we do not have the capability of creating peace. We are peace dependent–that is, we need God to be the peace we lack.

Unfortunately, we have a habit of diminishing the potential of our fellowship with the Prince of Peace because we have engaged too many peace-substitutes in His place. We don’t realize that He can cover our peace-needs in every area. In this case, the ultimate question for us to answer is not whether our lives are a stress magnet, but whether we have cleared the debris from our hearts so that there will be no hindrance to our attraction to the One who pulls us into His Peace.


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