So what, if I’m wrong? (The skin off my nose probably needed to come off anyway.)

I am not afraid of disagreement–what I want is for the truth to triumph. And if this is what I want, I should be ready for the truth to disagree with me.

I am not the ultimate arbiter of truth (though I like to think so). I am someone who must be regularly arrested by truth because I get in conflict and bring offense to it often. But, it is not so bad to be arrested by the truth–that is the only way I can become its captive.

And boy, do I need to be a captive of the truth! There is no other way I can escape the hold that lies have on me. There is no other way I can live to the honor of Christ and to the benefit of others in my relationships.

I need truth. It is a desperate need. There is no replacement for it. There is no way I can substitute in its place the things I already know–too much of what I’ve grown up believing, so much of what I’ve reasoned out my experiences is suspicious.

You see, the truth does not  follow the paths that I do on my own natural bent. So, I must regularly be checking on myself, making sure that I am leaving behind what comes naturally to me in favor of what can only be found on the path of truth. I follow the path of truth because it was here before I was. It is the only path on which I can find Christ. It is the only path on which we experience unparalleled communion. And that is the only thing I want to be about.