Just as a petal is one part in the whole of a flower, so are we in the Body of Christ

At its fullest bloom, a flower’s petals still overlap. It is part of the construction of the plant as long as the bloom lingers. It’s part of the beauty of it’s form. It’s what makes a flower more than just a petal. It’s what make us fascinated and filled with wonder when we observe the bond that’s in place before us.

Why isn’t it like this with us, Body of Christ? Why do we resist overlapping like this and coming together for the beauty of the whole? Why are we more concerned with how we look (as a single petal) than how Christ looks (as the entire flower)?

Don’t we remember that we are supposed to be lost in the whole? That if we are at our best, we should each be pressing in to the center, not sticking out from the rest, trying to get attention for our part in making the flower what it is. We should be glorying in the larger thing of which we’re only a part. We should recognize that our life comes from the whole, the whole does not receive its life from us. If a single petal falls, the flower does not fall apart–it must be designed that way. May we treasure our part in belonging to the bud. May we see what a privilege it is and how un-useful we would be apart from it!