So, love looks like what…?

I used to freak out all the time. I had a gazillion worries and concerns. But there was no doubt about the one that topped the list. Love was the biggest thing I worried about. I worried about whether I was loved and whether I was really loving others. I worried that if I didn’t love others sincerely enough, they wouldn’t love me. I worried that if I sought love more than I tried to give it that God would be displeased with me and be unloving toward me.

Love was something I had to master, not something I let master me. Needless to say, I didn’t know much about what love was, I just knew I wanted it. I thought it could be earned, so I decided I would be the most winsome creature and obtain it. I thought all of this would work because I little believed that God was truly disposed to love. I thought He used our need for love as leverage for Him to make us keep the law.

I didn’t realize that the law was built on love. If you took away love from it, it had no point. I didn’t realize that love was the only way to fulfill the law. I never fancied that God wanted to so fill us with His love that the law would be revealed in the orientation of our heart–that I would want to serve God in all things.

I started with the law and tried to squeeze love out of it, rather than starting with love and letting the law flow out of it. What I’m saying might not be making a lot of sense. But, don’t get discouraged, it didn’t make sense to me for the longest time. What I’m saying are things that don’t fully make sense to us until they are deeply rooted in our hearts and only the Holy Spirit can make that happen.

So, if you want to understand; if you want to experience the transformation that comes by abiding in His love, ask Him. The Holy Spirit is given to everyone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God who cleanses from all sin those who come to Him for salvation. The Holy Spirit will make clear to you all things that Jesus came to declare to us about love and the law and everything else that concerns our new life in Christ. So, please don’t hesitate to seek the Spirit that you might know what you must about love!