Killing myself slowly — I thought it was a pleasure

Living without God, being addicted to whatever I darn well pleased — this was a slow, needless death that let sin remain even after I had received Christ’s penalty fulfillment for me. I was living in contradiction to everything He is. I thought there was a way to make this work anyway.

Have you ever found yourself in this place? Perhaps you’re there right now. You don’t know why you’re struggling so bad, but something is definitely amiss. You need something, but don’t know what.

The answer? (Now, this is simple, but if you apply it, it could change your life.) You need one God instead of two…or three, etc.

Make sense? I hope it begins to make a lot of sense; and, more than that, transform your life. Try it out and see what happens.

Once you let God know you want Him to be your only God, trust me, He’ll take care of the rest!

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