Just a little piece of something bigger–something I don’t understand

I can’t change the whole picture, but I can freely let God paint what He wants in the corner that I live in. After all, I am just a little piece of something bigger. I really only have the capacity to understand what’s going on in this little corner. I know and experience much here, so I don’t worry as much about what’s going on behind the scenes. But, when I look out a little ways, I grow uncertain. I don’t know the whys and hows of what’s beyond my reach. But, oh, that I’d learn to see God there just as well as I’ve learned to see Him here! I only know one little part, I only have a measure of control over one little part,; but He knows the whole scheme, He has the final say over the whole scheme. He I will trust. He I will bless when I see the whole picture, and by it, better understand His (he)art.