Threatening God with Unemployment

I’m threatening God with unemployment. I’m telling Him He’s out of work–I’m going to take over for Him. I’m going to plan my days and fill out my life, I’m just not going to consult Him in how to do it. I know that in the business world, most take-overs of a major positions coincide with a training period to prepare the next holder to manage their new place well, but not in this case–this is spiritual.

What’s that, God? You don’t see the difference? What do You mean? Business has its own rules, but spirituality is personal. I can choose to employ You or not. That’s my choice. And this is what I want to do.

Cleaning You out–are You kidding?! I couldn’t do that–this place was and is my holding anyway!! No, You haven’t belonged here since the beginning of time. What, are we having an argument here? What’s the idea? I told You I own me and if You still want to argue with me, You can talk to my secretary or send me a memo–I don’t have time for this.

I have things to get done here. No, I’m not going to let You help me. I don’t want You to be a part of this at all–this is my business. What do you MEAN this is YOUR business; You created it. No, it is NOT on loan!! You better not come at me with that kind of junk.

I have a policy that I only deal with reasonable arguments…and since this obviously isn’t one, I don’t consider it worth having. Besides, there’s no way to win an irrational argument–they just don’t make any sense. And I’m not about to make a fool of myself.

A fool of yourself? What makes you think you’re not? What do you use to determine whether you are behaving wisely when you do not honor wisdom or walk in its ways?

Your problem is not with Me, My child; it is with you. You do not know which way you go or why you do what you do because You do not acknowledge Me. You fail in every true effort because you snub My name. You think you can win by doing so, but what have you to gain if you do?

I know you have some ideas, but I can’t think of anything that would be so worth your while. I am the only One that can be worth your while. I am the only One who is big enough and meaningful enough for you to relate to and make yourself a part of.

Don’t miss that. Don’t fail to cooperate with the truth. It stands before you only for your good. Where do you think you can get without Me? Wherever you go it must be completely apart from Me; somewhere with no hope of return…you know where I’m talking about, don’t you?

Wikipedia: Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet and represents either a vowel or a consonant in English.