What’s your “widow-maker”-beating strategy?

Yeah, sometimes that question can leave you with a blank slate. Which, if you’re the rational being like I think you are, may cause you to end up with a slate that’s not so blank after all:

#&*(@$&)(*!&$*(#&%*#&%*(&*(^&*&*@$&*&%*#@&%*#&%*(&%(@^&(^&@#^!@%^&%$#^%($&^(*&^)^^&*#%^&*#$*#&*%(%*_)^*)&%#*(&(#@%&*(@#)%@#*&%(*@%^)$@#^)@#%^@%(*%&*(@$^&!^$%_@%&@(*ty(*t@y$t&%@%&(#ty*b(^#$b)*) b!*($(#!%b @*&HFF!N&)#&%@&!)$$*)%*(%*!)*%!_% *%YR)* VC*JG

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do so well without answers–especially answers that I consider to be crucial to life. Maybe you don’t consider the title question above to be that big of a deal; maybe it’s not crucial to your life as you see it. But, what if it could be? What if it’s one of those realities about life that isn’t always blatantly obvious; perhaps it’s one of those problems that sneak up on you–like heart-attacks that you thought came only at the brink of old age.

I’m not trying to scare you; but I do want to sober you if you’re taking this too lightly. In fact, I’d rather you were scared now than scared later. Maybe you’d prefer the opposite. But really, if you face now what there is to fear about later and you could get the matter dealt with in someway that brought last alteration and peace, wouldn’t that be a deeper promise of peace than you had originally?

That’s what I want for you. That’s what I believe God wants for you. So the only problem you would have at this point is deciding where this is what you want? Is peace all that necessary–that assured knowledge and confidence in where you are going, and thus, in where you are now? Or is peace something you prefer to create on your own out of your aspirations and temporary accumulations?

What is asked of you is not that you become less than a man, less of a human. The question is: Will you begin to truly act like a human and come back to your Maker? Will you remember Whose you are before you try demonstrating who you are? They’re simple questions–they only take a yes or no. I hope you’ll choose the “yes” that comes with the promise, rather than the “no” which is not any less wrong because it challenges you to try to survive on your whits alone.