So what’s your problem if you don’t really have a problem?

Have you ever heard a story of incredible misfortune with all the grief it brought upon the victims but wonder what caused all the trouble? It’s funny, that we should get so caught up in sympathy and shock that we would sometimes forget to ask relevant questions. Like, what made this happen? Was there a series of events that led up to this crisis? Maybe you or your friend are not so much a victim as you first thought.

I know, that doesn’t sound like a very sympathetic thought. But maybe we have a need that’s greater than sympathy. Maybe when we’re in a mess there needs to be something offered to us that’s more powerful than feelings, more steady than promises that it will get better because we’re good people and things always turn up after a bit.

Don’t you feel a need for more than that?

I know I do. For, after all feelings give out and promises are only as the realities they’re built on. I need more than what people can give me in their comforting assurances and I need more than what I can convince myself of with my hopeful wishing. Yes, there’s got to be more than this.

If there’s problems there have to be reasons for them. And if there are reasons then there have to be rules that those reasons follow. And if there are rules, then there has to be a Rule-Giver. I don’t know about you, but I want to know Him and how I’m supposed to live in this world; otherwise, I will find living under His governing unbearable and isolating.

Unbearable because only He gives the rules, reasons and problems meaning. Isolating because all of this is pretty intense and only He is in a position to benefit from them; I don’t want to be on His bad side!

Since there’s no pleasurable way out of what He’s got planned, why don’t we take a chance in checking it out?

No, there can’t be as much harm in this as there is in trying to win the game by steadily going the wrong way. At least by turning around you could get a handle on how the game is really played and Who’s got the lead. You might even link up with His team and you’d learn what winning is all about. It’s just a thought…

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