Can you be a person if you don’t belong?

Who am I?

Does this question ever rock your conscience? Do you ever look at yourself and feel like you’re not getting the full picture: you see a couple of main facets that seem to mean very little because there are yet a host of details to be filled in.

How can this be the case? Where is the rest of us hiding? Maybe its in the place you’d least expect…

There’s not too much to find that’s encouraging if we merely look inside, but there is much to discover if we look outside. Up there and out there is everything that we’re connected with and everything that we belong to. It is not that we are so much by ourselves, but that we ourselves are connected to so much. There’s a difference. Here’s what it looks like.

We are connected to God (this fact makes us significant because God is significant). This connection represents the fact that God created us and loves us. Yet, to the extent that we reject this connection–reject the One we’re connected with–we reject who we are and try to be connection-less. (Which makes no sense, by the way).

But, to the extent to which we long to be connected, we are dependent on Someone to connect us. We are not connectors, we are the connected. This is imperative for us to know. We cannot establish who we are, we can only submit ourselves to who we’ve been made to be. If we’re not submitted, (which, in case you didn’t know, is the route we’ve all taken from God) we are only living as disconnection persons–disconnected both from God and from who we truly are.

What an insecure place to be! What a mess of identity and conscience! We must be delivered. And, most surprisingly, we have been given the right to deliverance. Have you heard about it? Has it gripped your heart yet?

God, God of the universe, came down to reconstitute your identity. The only way to do this was to re-partner it with His identity. Staging a renewal of partnership with you at this juncture in your relationship was quite a step of humility for Him. There is no pride in a holy and just God connecting with a sinner who has rejected Him. But, there is a glory in revealing His love’s delight in returning sinners to Himself.

His heart chose to award the consequences, the great debt, of your disobedient actions to Himself rather than you. He didn’t excuse you, He didn’t assure Himself that you still had a “good” heart. He trusted, instead, in His own good heart to make your heart what it should be.

I don’t share this with you in an attempt to quickly satisfy all your questions; in fact, the reality above still hasn’t settled all my questions. My desire, instead, is that you will embrace the truth that the gospel holds out to you that you may be reconciled to God. When you do, you can feel free and eager to go ask your Father who you are. He can tell you more than I can, more than you can discover on your own.

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