Edgy. Not overly educated or egotistical, but edgy.

Do you like going to the movies? I do. I like seeing the really inspirational shows.

(I know, I’m not much of an “edgy” viewer.)

But, then again, who says I’m not?

I’m edgy to the extent that I’m willing to go to the edge to receive inspiration.

I’m edgy in the sense that I’m intent on living life to the fullest, wherever it takes me.

I’m edgy because I don’t walk away from the Savior but am willing to confess and turn from my sin.

I’m edgy in that I walk away from what I’ve known to walk into the unknown with Someone I want to know.

So, I’m edgy. But what I’m saying doesn’t make for a very compelling picture if there’s not fleshed out with action–other-centered action.

That’s where the inspiration comes out. Edgy is not a personal definition worth pursuing if it is only for oneself. Instead, it is worth pursuing to the extent that it is faithfully inspiring to everyone who observes and interacts with you.

It has to infect others: It can’t leave them sitting still. It can’t even leave them untouched.

The truly edgy person breaks the rules because they must be broken not because he’s dissatisfied with them. It requires more of a man to live for others’ best when it hurts than it does to live for his own best when it helps him.

But that’s what Jesus called edgy. In fact, its’ the brand of edginess that Jesus endorsed with His own life and reputation.

He was edgy to the end. He didn’t know what it meant to be anything less. He didn’t protect Himself from harm so that we could be protected. He identified Himself with people who needed Him, even when they couldn’t see it.

So maybe edginess looks the same for us today. If He laid down His life to live on the cutting edge of what God’s will was for Him, maybe we should do the same. Maybe, as the ones stained by His blood, we should live on that same cutting edge–putting our self-lives in peril–for the sake of living for God’s will just like He did.

It’d be worth a try, wouldn’t it?