The naming of Billy Bob and other fun ways to honor our loved ones…

Billy Bob. (I apologize for my post in advance if you are the possessor of this illustrious tag.)

Don’t you like funny names like that? I do. They’re a joy because they’re just so ridiculous. I think to myself when I hear them, Who in their right mind would name their child Billy Bob when there are so many beautiful and honorable names to choose from?

I don’t know, maybe parents who bestow such names on their children just want to be silly. Maybe they are honoring a family member who made something right respectable of himself (despite his name). Or, maybe their goal in naming their child wasn’t to bestow honor at all–whether on the child’s namesake or the child himself.

But who doesn’t want honor? Who is not willing to give it?

These are mysteries to me until I look at myself. Am I willing to give honor? Yeah, I want it, but do I see it as such a good thing that it should be given to others?

I’m not sure I think about anything that way. I don’t see any of the things God gives as though they were infinitely abundant. If I did, I would surely consider not wishing these things on friends and enemies as a crime.

Yeah, a crime. One worthy of punishment. The same punishment Jesus took for me so that I could be generous just as He is. But, do I really use this gift of generosity, given for the sake of making me generous? Do I welcome it being applied in my life with open arms and heart? If not, I must ask myself, Do I really get the point? Do I understand where Jesus fits in my life and why He’s there?

A powerful thought for application: Do I minimize the wealth of God and the weakness He took on for the world so that they are just things that are meant to serve me?

I hope not.