Is lying a losing proposition if you’re trying to win on God’s turf?

So what is wrong with lying?

I mean, come on–what kind of harm does it really do? These things only hurt if you get caught, right? And, honestly, when is that?

Isn’t the command that we avoid lying just something the self-righteous among made up to try making themselves feel more superior next to the rest of us? Isn’t all this just a hoax?

I mean, why would God condone something that could support that sort of treatment by its followers? I mean, He’s fair, right?

Well, first we must ask what is His assumed fairness based on? What does God believe is fair? What are the rules on His playground–and how far does that playground extend? Does it just include His followers or everybody?

Does He make rules so that some people will win and others will lose? Is He biased–a heartless fan of the fair and beautiful? Or does He have more in mind than even the players themselves and how they play or what they get from playing the game?

All these questions are important when we consider God and how we relate to Him. I don’t think I should be the one to answer them all for you, but I will say this:

God made the game, He is the One you should ask about the rules. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. His greatest goal in having you in the game is to know Him, so don’t lose any time!

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