So I couldn’t see Him and frustration wasn’t far way…

I’m frustrated right now. Some things just aren’t working out how I thought they should. I want to protest. I want to lobby for fairness for fortune-deprived me. I don’t want to wait around for things to be cleared up. I want to be treated as I deserve.

Beyond that, I just need to know: Why do things take so much work? I wonder, what am I doing wrong that things don’t turn out better or turn up quicker? Things should be going better than they are. I want to find a solution. Something that works for me. Something that makes much of my efforts and little of my failures. I don’t want to make incremental progress–I want to shoot to the top like a super bouncy-ball that doesn’t feel the affliction of gravity.

Am I asking too much? Do I sound too arrogant or self-promoting? If you think so, you are probably right. I just wish I could see things as objectively as you. My subjectivity is what gets me in trouble. I don’t want to see things for how they really are; I just want to feel good about what I think is going on.

Do you ever feel that way: Like you wish the truth could be more of a massage than a message? I know I do. But why do we want this? What are we really hoping to gain–or avoid?

Well, I know I’m not really trying to gain a conflict resolution or a better perspective on my circumstances–that’s for sure! What I’m really trying to do is avoid the need to change or adjust. Do you have that same fear, stubbornness? (I know, I’m thinking the same thing: Is she crazy?! Hello! To admit that is to feel the necessity to change.)

But is sticking it out where we are all that effective, helpful? I don’t know about you, but I don’t find it to be a very satisfying place to hang out. At first, when my dissatisfaction with external things is high, I lounge here in style, but that only lasts a short time. Within moments a barely noticeable shift takes place: I realize my satisfaction level is not continuing to increase by staying here. My initial high is dropping. I want out of here. I need a more stable form of satisfaction. And, if a new perspective will get me there, nothing better be standing in my way…

God offers us new perspective. Not only does He give us opportunity to see things a new way, He gives us new eyes. He doesn’t just give us new glasses, or vision enhancers, He gives us new optical capacities that we never had before. We see things as He sees them. We don’t just pick up on new dimensions of reality, we pick up on a new thought-process about that reality.

We move beyond just seeing what’s obvious in what’s around us and set about discovering God beneath the surface of everything. We learn to cherish the greatest inconveniences and pains because we realize that God is the driving force behind everything we encounter in life. He uses good which He loves and evil which He can never condone to covertly promote within us the desire to see Him more clearly than we see anything else. To be more aware of and set on the implications of His involvement in our lives than we are about any of the elements He allows to be a part of the whole scheme.

This is Christ-centered vision. This is the only kind of sight that can really help us. It is the only kind that was meant to compose our perceptions of this world. With it we are able to agree with Him and trust Him in all things–even when things don’t work out and we think self-pity filled frustration is our only reasonable response.

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