Life, won’t You take me in?

I’m hungry–my soul waits for food. I can’t say that I’m exactly sure what I need, but I do know Who I need it from. If He doesn’t give me what I need, what I get will not be enough. It needs to have His signature, bear the imprint of His character and care. Nothing else will do.

I know, because I’ve received from Him before. I haven’t been left wanting when He cared for me. I have been left wanting more of Him, but I haven’t been left feeling like He didn’t give me enough of anything else. He is the One I want. He is the One I can’t bear to live without.

Yes, I get impatient in the absence of other things. But I grow faint when I’m distant from Him. I don’t need anything to keep me going except Him. But sometimes, even quite often now, the absence of other things makes me run to Him with greater urgency.

I recognize who I’m made for when I need someone else to claim me besides the fleeting ambassadors of my enemy. These things promise my heart happiness and leisure but can substantiate no security for my heart.

I need more than happiness and leisure. I need those things embedded in security. I need a relationship with Someone who provides for all these things but also waits with me through the dull times, and introduces me to wonder-filled arenas of life.

I need all of life to come from One source. I need to know that I can go to Him and receive all that I need. I need to know that He’s there and wants me to come to Him. I want to know that I am made for something more than myself; that I have meaning in relation to Someone else. That I am not alone in this world; as one who’s been left to discover who she is and how to define herself in a broken, vacuous world.

No, I don’t have to languish in such loneliness! Yes, all this hope is out there for me. And if you’re looking for it, it’s there for you too. We don’t have to wait until we know more about life. We have only to call out to Life and ask Him to take us in.


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