What is the problem with God?

Does the wonder of God escape you today? Do you feel discouraged by your lack of interest in Him, your lack of worship of Him?

Perhaps your problem is not so much that you are lacking in what you are doing toward Him, but that you believe He is lacking in who He is and what He does toward you.

After all, we cannot worship a God we do not believe. We cannot worship a God who is not worthy of our worship.

But why is the God we see so often a God who is not worthy of our worship? Is there something wrong with Him? Is there something wrong with us?

Well, I think the line crosses both and along that line we find skewed identities and misplaced expectations. The problem is with us, but it affects how we see God.

I’ve lived a long time wondering what was wrong with God. Why He didn’t fit me. Why I didn’t fit Him. Maybe we never would. Maybe I would just have to accept that.

When I consider it, I have a problem on my hands too big for me to handle. But this bothers me so much: I mean this is a cosmic crisis, is it not?

So, what does one bring to straighten out a matter such as this?

Observation. No, not of us and our problems, but of God. Earnestly desiring the discovery of who God is for His real self. Not who we think He is, but who He says and reveals Himself to be.

That is what we can base evaluations on. This is what we can string our hope to.

But this is not often what we will settle for. No, we want something better, something more. Something that will make us feel better. Something that will add to us while not really affecting much at all.

We want a quick fix. The God we estimate the Holy One to be is not really satisfactory to us, but in some ways He still serves our needs. Our illegitimate needs. We want a God who serves us but does not ask inordinate things from us. We want a God who makes sense to us but does not ever bewilder us. We want a God who makes things better for us, but does not attempt to make us better.

In short, we do not want a God who is better than us. We view that as too great of a risk. Too much of a power contract for Him, or us, to handle.

But, we must ask ourselves, is our power really doing all that much for us?

I want to know more than my power can do for me, don’t you? I want to test the limits of what I can know of outlandish things. I want God to really turn out to be much more than I think He is.

I want Him to rule in my heart and leave it with something that cannot be taken away. Or replaced. I want to receive something indispensable.

And as far as I’m concerned such a thing really does exist!

I want to know the complements of knowing God. I want to see what there really is to God. Don’t you?

There’s got to be more to Him than we’ve seen. There has to be untapped levels of Personality. If we can agree that a person has almost limitless untapped potential, is it possible that we could deny God our Father the dignity of exploring who He is from such an angle?

No, I don’t think we can. He just claims to be too much, and we still want to find too much, for us to not take up such an adventure. I mean consider, what have we got to lose?

The only significant thing that comes to my mind is that our assumptions of God could be hopelessly unraveled. But this, at the cost of discovering the Truth…is it really such a risk?


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