COMMe on you, this is about UNITY!

Community among believers must be one of the greatest aspects of our inheritance in Christ! Yet, it is not one of the things that I find it easy to embrace; instead, I resist its integration in my life with all my might.

Being closer with the Body of Christ and letting fellowship create an intersection between other parts of the Body and my part is something I really struggle with. I wish I could be really close with Christ and not have to also care about that intimacy translating over to other people who have Christ within them.

I would like to be alone, set apart from the world and people in such a way that I don’t have to do relationships. It bothers me so much that this isn’t God’s way.

After all, I always thought it was safer and more fruitful to have a life limited to just “me and Jesus”. I didn’t know (as a conviction in my heart) that I wasn’t getting the whole Jesus-package, and He wasn’t getting the whole me-package, if we weren’t being connected through His other followers.

I don’t like integrating with His other followers. For one thing, they’re not enough like Him to make me feel comfortable. For another thing, they will discover that I’m not enough like Him to make them always feel delighted to be in my presence! That, forgive me, is scary business!

So what motivation can I have to move forward with something that assaults my natural instincts for survival and success? Well, certainly none of it can come from me! God, do You think You could help here, I pray, I’ve got nothing. Worse still, I’m not even sure I want to have motivation for this. I would much rather pretend it’s no big deal. But because You are persistently making it a big deal, I really can’t ignore it. So, do what You want to do with me here. I know that I will praise You in the end when I discover in new and incredible ways that Your desires are best for me. You will make me see that You alone are what is True and Beautiful and Eternal.


2 thoughts on “COMMe on you, this is about UNITY!

  1. I hated meeting with a church assembly. I once told my church that much. I would much rather share the gospel of truth with an unbeliever that has not been corrupted by a watered-down word than scrape for unity with a group of worldly believers. But I have a feeling that if leadership and the prophetic gift were not to accompany a messy task, Paul wouldn’t have needed to write so many letters of correction — those writings we call “scripture” today.

    I think Christ is going to redeem what you identify as His “Bride,” and separate it from what you have always known among other believers. You have every right to feel uncomfortable integrating with other Christians that do not bear the image of Christ. The church has done itself a disservice by allowing an infinite number of obedience options, rather than calling each believer into a life of spiritual vibrancy and fleshly death. But this is not His Church…

    Jesus said that His family are those that do the Father’s will (Mark 3:31-35), and the church doesn’t really have the biblical privilege to call those into union that do not desire to die. You feel at odds with other believers, because they do not live as He intended. You feel at home with your Father, because we were made to live in communion with Him. Does it not stand to reason that if we understood His unblemished Bride to be the body of those in communion with Him, rather than those who make a profession of lordship, that we would find the same joy in their presence.

    Tozer said in “The Pursuit of God” (paraphrased) that corporate worship does not happen because we try to find community in the union of one another. He uses the example of a symphony, and says that instruments were never meant to tune according to whatever they see around them. However, if all instruments tune according to one Source, by result the instruments will be in unity with one another. Community is the same way. Because we seek community by gathering with one another, we do not find it. We reconcile each others’ dysfunctions, and the body becomes corrupted. However, if we stopped seeking community, and began seeking His face on our own right, we would by result be in unity and communion with on another. There has never been a corporate body of unity that did not begin with a move of the Spirit in individual hearts. The church has attained nothing by seeking the result over the Source.

    I acknowledge that you’ve never experienced the unblemished Bride, hence your skepticism. My frustration comes from having seen this at work, and now being sent away to deal with the messiness of complacency once again. But if God has given you a prophetic voice — and it appears that He has — He expects you to call from the masses the remnant that would follow Him to the same level of consecration that He expects of you. You cannot grieve for those that choose to live according to their own comforts and call His Church a lost cause, just because you have attained a greater understanding of the Spirit. Our responsibility is always to reconcile the exiles back to His presence (2 Cor. 5:11 – 6:2). The selfishness in claiming God to ourselves and ourselves alone is denying others the grace of responding to His call to die. Without question, most will choose not to follow; find blessing and unity with those that will, for this is the Bride with whom He holds His covenant.

    I want you to read 1 Thes. 2:1 – 3:13, and ask God to surround you with believers that bring the same joy that Paul found through one body that lived in obedience and endured persecution. He wants this for you, not merely you for them.

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