Brilliance is no component of the weak-hearted sinner

Brilliance is no component of the sinner; genius cannot be liberated except the heart be unleashed before it.

But, how can the heart be unleashed? Is it by freeing yourself from all your physical bindings and personal accountability? Is it something we can achieve by ourselves? Is it the work of self-exploration or religious commitment?

For most of us the first way (self-exploration) sounds far more fun and exciting than the latter (religious commitment). But, I don’t know why we would think that — unless we have an extremely stilted view of what religion (or living out one’s spiritual persuasion) includes.

Everything that we do is an element of religion — it is either man-made or God-made. The first is something to do that also makes us feel good about ourselves in a surfacey way, and the second is that process of releasing our souls from what prevents us from experiencing and sharing brilliance, even having genius.

We can do any part of nothing that we want to without God, but no part of everything.


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