Longing to be free of God’s interference? Good luck!

The resurrection of our Savior is like nothing else that was or will ever mark history. It’s the one thing that showed us this is God’s story — what makes us able to see and understand His action among us. Without this, how much easier it would be to ignore God’s message!

We wouldn’t have to be confronted with our sin

hanging there on His shoulders

ripping at the tethers of His heart

making the blood and mercy flow down.

I don’t know, you might wish that this were the case; I mean, what is God if He’s not annoying, right?

I guess like any other person with which we would have a relationship (distant or close), we must all find Him annoying. Yet, why do we see Him as such? What has He done that we should get so riled with Him?

Maybe you don’t want to even face these questions (maybe as you read this, I am becoming annoying). If you feel the need to cut out here, feel free–for you are free to do as you please and decide the limits of what you will bear with. I don’t want to even try to counteract that, but as long as you’re reading, I would like to get to know each other a little better, and most of all, I hope we can both get to know God a little better.

Have you ever found that people are annoying to the degree that you don’t know them, and knowing, understand and love them? As annoying as it may be to consider this, maybe it is easier to just decide you find someone annoying than to acknowledge that you do not know him and have no desire to see that gap bridged.

In many cases it is not that the other person is so little worth knowing, but that we are so little determined to abandon our sense of comfort and superiority to humbly approach them.  We would find it necessary to embrace vulnerability and proceed in spite of a certain degree of trepidation. Could we do this?

Could we allow for one moment that we may be operating more in fear than in power, more in selfishness than in respect to the degree of separation ourselves and another? If we can do this, we can act in such a way that we invite the truth to come and meet with us. And with His coming we just might surprise ourselves–receiving Him with open arms and a hearts unclouded with deceit. Oh, what a prospect!


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