It’s impossible to love life without truly loving Life

What is life to you? Is it what you do, what you think, what you imagine for yourself, what you like, what you want, what you are? What if life, as we speak, was outside of you? What if you had never really experienced it yet? What if, until now, you have been existing but never knowing what it means to be full and overflowing with life?

Even with every trapping of happiness about us, life and its possibilities for us can still be a distant reality. So, how can we know if we have it or not? To that question I have a simple answer. There has only been one thing or person in all of mankind’s history that has reached out to him and plainly declared, “I am Life”: His name is Jesus.

So, this is all you need for your self-diagnosis is the answer to this one question, “Have I accepted Life?” If Jesus is alive and well and able to be active within you, then there is no question that you do indeed, have Life. This is not just the run-of-the-mill life that everyone has by virtue of their breath and heartbeat. This is a life of the spirit, of the inner man, of the you-i-est part of you–the part of you that will live forever.

If Jesus is alive within you, the part of you that worships has been awakened to God. You will begin to see Him and to know Him in a way that is vital, a way that was not possible before when you were dead in the sins that separated you from Him. From this point on you will grow in Christ, He who brought God’s call to return to Him. You are now a part of God’s household–a baby now, but you will need to grow up and change in order to grow up into the fullness of the Son who has become our Brother before the Father.

For everything that you lack, don’t make excuses–turn to He who saved you in the midst of your wretchedness. There is nothing about you that is any longer unknown. Come out into the Light–this is He who loves you, desiring that His love fill you and your love be His.

2 thoughts on “It’s impossible to love life without truly loving Life

  1. Hello Sister,

    I have been reading and chewing and turning thoughts over in my mind. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Your thoughts always spur me to deep thinking.

    Blessings much as you continue to listen for His voice.


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