You can’t have everything in life, so what will you choose to have?

There are only so many things that we can enjoy in this life, so what will you choose? Will you scour the earth to make the most of your outer life in a rapidly passing succession of adornments, or pursue the life that begins in the heart and spills out into everything you do, even the people you touch?

If this sounds like I am asking you to restrict the fun you have in life, then consider this: The greatest limit you can place on yourself is to start on the outside and try to work your way in, when the whole time you could be starting where everything you want lies and working out.

Now, I am not talking about one of many popular philosophies that require us to turn inward when we face challenges, promising that when we do, we will find that each of us already has all that we need to prevail and find fulfillment. I am rather, inviting you take a look at your heart that you may notice and be struck by the full impact of what you lack. (Don’t worry, this isn’t supposed to be a self-confidence or -love building exercise, so you will know it is working when you begin to feel just the opposite.)

I believe we must focus on our hearts to determine their accurate conditions–until we do this, and continue to do it, Christ shall never mean anything to us, and we shall be choosing less than life to abide with. From this view of our hearts we will discover that we have needs that we cannot fill–not even by all the treats in the world–unless we take in what is outside of this world.

It’s not that the benefits of living in our world are not good, or we cannot enjoy them, but we do not want our life to be tied to these things. I guess if they lasted forever, it would be okay, but this just isn’t the case. They weren’t designed to replace anything that is forever. Therefore, it would be wise of us to consider the end of things and act appropriately before we must be forced into adjusting to them.

I want to enjoy my life without the fear that what I have been holding onto will be ending or dying or becoming useless. If we know anything about life, from babies we understand that life is filled with change — many of which we cannot avoid. Occasionally we have a choice to make when change sweeps into our lives. And sometimes we have the ability to commence change in our lives.

To what depth do the changes that you implement go? Are they centered around lifestyle, behavior and circumstance, or your heart–the base of who you are? To the extent that you place priority on confronting your true self and allowing God to redeem what you find, you will enjoy riches that go down into the center of who you are and delight your entire being with eternal joy.

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