But I thought it all had to make sense first!

I can’t trust myself to make the choice to follow God simply because doing so makes sense. If I were to define having and operating with good sense as the Bible does, I would have to admit that I am not a legitimate candidate.

I do not live based on good sense, I live based on self-interest–the two may intersect at times, but often they are two very different things. Good sense tells me to wait for a speeding car to pass before I cross the street and I heed its instruction because it agrees with my commitment to protect and care for myself. Contrarily, good sense will appeal for an early bed time that I might restore myself after a long week and I will ignore it.

As much as God’s ways may occasionally appeal to my understanding of logic (quite often it does not), this is not a strong enough motivation to deride my rebellion-bent will. At times I may vote in favor of His ways, but usually only when I see a very strong sow-and-reap theme in effect.

I will not make choices that reflect God’s heart unless I permit Him to bear His heart out within my own. The only way my will can be turned to Him is if  it has been transformed by the love that God gently and persistently pours into me.

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