Okay, I accept…

I often find the need–especially when I am in a severe state of trial–to tell God what I can accept from Him and how I expect Him to behave. I think I am entitled to present my terms for our relationship. I reason that He will have to force His own terms to integrate with mine if anything will ever work between us. Yet, what I fail to realize (or, is it accept?) is that He already holds both of our interests in His hands, and therefore He is capable and intent upon integrating our hearts as He deals with everything in me that opposes the streamlining of my character and methods of interaction with His.

One thought on “Okay, I accept…

  1. Elaine,
    Please edit name for me … thanks much. My apologies.
    I keep coming here to find what you shared with us, I find this very interesting piece and I go off and call you by the wrong name … so sorry, Minister.
    Blessings much,

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