Tweak my dreams, Lord — You know they are the seat of my heart

Sometimes God tweaks our dreams. We don’t always get it in the beginning — He is questioning our loyalty to ideas that are very important; ideals that make up who we have been for some time.

But, maybe it’s okay to let them go to God if He has other plans. Plans that fit more with who I am according to my identity in Him than the more familiar identifications I have with things other than Him. Things I don’t need for life — either in the sense of existence or endurance.

Christ is essentially my life-support. I don’t have anything without Him, yet with Him everything I have is up for disposal. If you’re in the process, as am I, of God tweaking your dreams (what you thought you had to have) you may be wondering why He ever let you dreams these things in the first place — especially when you thought they were congruent with following God.

I’m asking God that right now. There are a lot of things that I don’t understand yet, but I know He’s wise enough to know things that I can’t understand on my own. I will trust Him to reveal to me what He knows in His time.

I can’t say what would make my life a success. I think I know indefinitely, and then God shows me His plan and what I’ve been thinking suddenly seems to have no place — even if it is more comprehensible to me.

But I don’t want to follow my plans simply so I can set my eyes on the outcome I think is best, I want to lay them at my Masters feet so that I can have room enough to hold His very heart in my hands. His heart is in His plans and I don’t want to miss. So, even while I don’t fully understand it all, I plan on diving right in so that God knows I’m set on finding out what He’s got to show me!

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