Doubts only matter while I keep them alive

There is nothing more difficult for me to trust than the plans of the Lord. Yet, His kindnesses are oh, so aggressive with me — they turn me over and compel me to agree with His righteous ways for He alone holds me in the face of everything.

He has put me in what I’ve thought was a prison to get me out of the prison I have not noticed — my doubts, fears and limitations in worship. I can trust the ways of the Lord because His ways are never without benefit thought they are often strange and unlike my own plans.

I have learned that He deals bountifully with me in the most unlikely places so that He may be bountiful in my eyes though my circumstances or companions may not. In the end they are not what matters — He is, for He is the only One on whom my life is dependent.

He has been acquainted with my weaknesses, but how little I perceive that — He needs to show me that in every day rounds of evidence. And there is no greater evidence than His love subduing and taking in my fears for the sake of their dissipation.

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