Where all the fearless lovers of our time?

No, I don’t mean romantic lovers who are unashamed to let loose their passion in every subway and bar, but where are the love-ers — those disciples who are have no fear in expressing the character of God to every character in their world?

Where are the slaves to righteousness who will not let any demand of their flesh get in the way of following God all the way?

Where are the examples of charity that begins at home? Charity that is cultivated so deeply and with such commitment that it overcomes every obstacle that Satan lays in its path; sacrifice for others that is rooted so strongly in the Truth of God’s Word that it rushes out of our gates like an ocean that covers the earth in a flood.

Where is our abandonment of self-centered living that makes the dying of our flesh a privilege for the sake of exalting Christ in every act?

Where is our joy in suffering that makes holding onto anything but God not only impossible, but undesirable?

Where is the life of Christ that is supposed to rule His Body (the Church), distinguishing it as a peculiar people, the treasure of our God?

Where is our zeal for good works; that thirst to magnify our Father through the demonstration of His character being purified within us?

Where is the Spirit at work producing the gifts that only sons of God can boast?


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