The diagnosis of God’s ADD

God’s Agency of Determined Disaster (ADD) makes it simple and possible to live your life well through whatever comes your way.

Picture this: God has ADD and He wants to make you aware of the facts it’s got on your future. So, He has arranged for a document to be drawn up for you and distributed in various areas so that you may not fail to believe its advertizing about itself and pick one up for yourself.

But the one behind these disasters doesn’t want you to get this vital information — he wants these things to kill you, so he lets you be too busy (even if you get your copy) to read it. If you discover the trigger points and Richter scale readings you’re looking for, you will rely on it and know the Truth.

He wants you to think these disasters are all classic fear tactics that God is using to belittle and devastate you, when in reality God is the One who has chosen to use all these works of your enemy to work for your good — if you follow His instructions.

Don’t be surprised when you learn from these instructions that the Director of this council is the only help you are going to get; His name is Jesus and He just happens to be God’s resurrected Son. He’s already met your prime disaster and seen it through — now all you have to do is trust the precepts He hands down to you because they issue from this Love.

Now don’t expect this manual to deliver you immediately from every trying ordeal — though they will be on your record in necessary portion for the extent of time you live on the earth (out of reach of the absolutely inconceivable everlastingly complete presence of God in heaven.

You will have the presence of God to go with you through these remaining storms before paradise because Christ’s sacrifice on your behalf has already accomplished a work that will never allow you to be alone in your trials again — He will walk through these places that have become His own territory with you.

And you will discover that all Satan’s evil plans for you cannot hold a candle to the good plans God already has planned into your life’s gps (God’s Planned Situations) device.


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