God isn’t a manipulator — He wants you to choose Him for yourself

No matter what negative experiences you’ve had with your father or your mother or an older sibling or some other significant person in your life, God is not them. I know this because whatever they contributed to the baggage you have been carrying around from these relationships, is the result of their pitiful inability to love.

God has never had that problem. Therefore, He does not appreciate us treating Him as we would them. They have not done an accurate or serviceable job of representing Him — which is after all their primary life-job. This is not to say that they are worthless, but they should certainly be dismissed as reliable examples of God in our lives.

For this we have to go back to the drawing board. And instead of drafting a picture with figure form, we are going to use letter forms to reconstruct what we believe about God. I don’t know about you, but I realize that I have a lot of things that I have to get straight about Him that has been mangled by human error.

To begin with, God’s ways are not our ways. This is true because we who have been designed to freely function in His marvelous ways have jumped ship and tried to make a life of our own completely displaced from the order and peace that He gives. Thus we are far removed from the ways that would best suit us.

We live like thieves and liars and cheats when we could have all the absolute best in life with the addition of unbroken community with God and others. We could have all that God has just by having Him. We could enjoy everything that He does in the way that He does.

Sin is the only reason that we should not have this — and even that God has provided a way for us to be delivered from. He knows that we chose to rebel against Him and turn away from doing what pleases Him, but He still wants to restore us to what we ought to be if we will allow Him.

He has made us free, but with that freedom comes an awful responsibility; one that Satan constantly uses against us when we are in contempt of God. We destroy ourselves because we will not be submitted to a creative Master rather than a deconstructive master.

The benefits of knowing and being loved by God are endless, but one that I would like to highlight particularly here is that He is clear and to the point. He has no reason to manipulate us; He wants us to know Him for who He truly is — when we do we will love Him and serve Him because He is good.

All marks of deceit and manipulation that we know in our lives are not God’s attempt to keep us in the dark, but Satan’s (our pre-Christ captor) attempt to keep us from the light. He knows that all light is Christ and that His one mission is to deliver us from the deadly dominion of Satan, His own enemy.

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