Dude, just ask — it’s not that hard when you’re getting everything through it

Have you ever had someone that you really wish you were closer to, but they appeared to have no interest in pursuing anything of the kind with you?

Yeah, God has too. Like you, He knows what it is like to carry a burden composed of another person’s indifference to you. He understands your pain very well — so well, in fact, that He has called Himself the “man of sorrows” who is acquainted with grief because of you.

Every day you shun Him no matter how holy you think you already are. But the interesting things here is that there is nothing wrong with Him that we should revolt against Him this way, we are just opposed to the very One who encapsulates all that we are known to need.

Why do we do this? Because we are totally out of our minds! Sorry, if you want a more “sane” or “intelligent” answer to your question, you are going to have to look somewhere else. God and I are not so concerned about the sensible terms of responses to these questions so much as we are concerned about getting truth out there in whatever way we can. It’s a great bonus if you will receive it into your heart and let it reshape who you are into something that is no longer mangled by lies and their useless theories on everything in life.

Now, I’m not trying to behave like I’m second to God here, I am just unabashedly declaring what God has done in my heart; what I know He wants to do in your heart too. And because He has enabled me to receive this truth and realize how essential to life it is, I want you to have it to. (I wouldn’t normally want the best for you, but that is another thing that God has been changing in me.)

If you and God aren’t tight, please brother, let Him make it that way! You aren’t going to lose your identity or essence or manliness, for Pete’s-sake — you’re going to discover what all those things really are like you hit the jack pot. So ask, dude, and God will supply — all you need is realized in the name of Jesus Christ; He is the end of all your searching.


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