Does every day really have significance for us?

What does wonder at God look like? Is it a moment of impassioned awe? A quiet contemplation of the gospel? The culmination of a timely retreat?

Yes, I think it is all of these things, but must we isolate this into such hard to reach corners of our lives? Can’t it be found out in the open where most of us live every day? Isn’t this, after all, where God belongs?

We must begin by asking ourselves, “Does God have the power to amaze me not just with mountains but in valleys? Can He transform me in the middle of a work week just as well as He can on a weekend? Is He limited to blue skies, or can gray and cloudy ones doe just as well for His purposes?

I think all these things can be part of God’s working in our lives, but I haven’t always thought so. At the same time, God knows and He has always known that your days are in His hands because He is Lord of the labors and loves you find in each day.

Don’t lose heart if you can’t see the good in them; merely look for the Hand that guides them. And know that if He could knit you together from scratch, surely He can knit your days together into a design that will teach you to see and glorify Him.

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