Redemption is just too far of a walk — do I really want to get there?

I used to think that what I needed from God would be impossible to attain. It was difficult to ask and seek and knock and do all those things His Word says to do because I believed He really didn’t want to hear from me. I was a pain in His neck in the worst way.

I didn’t belong in His story or plans, I just thought I did. I was impertinent for assuming that I was somehow supposed to have a home with Him. But praise God He wanted me to know the other side of these lies — the truth that they were trying to hide.

You see, lies never stand on their own; instead, they are merely strategically-placed cover-ups for the truth; cover-ups the truth never needed. Lies make truth look conservative, but this is only because they are trying to make truth appear modest when it is really quite provocative.

But consider, how much must Satan have to lose if the Truth can be seen for what it is? Not just a set of ideas that can be liked or disliked, but a Person whose body is glorified and yet has holes. These holes are ours; they show where He was pierced for loving us to the point of death.

If all of this cannot remain covered up, than we cannot remain within the comfortable captivity He has ordered for us. If we see the Truth, we will not be comfortable. We will no that we are wrong — those holes will tell us — and we will turn from our first love — the lie — to seek the Truth’s redemption. When we surrender to Satan we get our bitterness for his enjoyment, but when we surrender to Christ, Satan is defeated through His bitterness for the enjoyment of the Trinity and us.

Redemption is really not too far of a walk; when we decide we really want to go there, Christ meets us where we are and cleanses us by the authority of His Word and the enduring scars that have accomplished its order of Love.

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