Let skeleton-hunting season officially begin!

It’s time. Time for all skeleton hopes and holdings on human happiness to come out of the closets in which they no longer belong. They have been lodging on your property for long enough. God has arrived at your doorstep and He wants to come in and get His mighty hands on them. He is intent on ridding your home of the pollution and burying them in the grave with all the other objects of your old life of wrong doing. Skeletons represent the death you knew without Christ — you were a body without any license to life.

And if you were wondering, no, we don’t want them to have a life of their own. They can’t get along without us. Those bones and sinews are our bones, that rotting frame of humanity is what we were. Now we freely and fastidiously agree with God to their disposal. We want them to stop sucking the life out of you and me. We don’t need to hold onto them for the sake of sentimental attachment — all we want to be holding onto is our Heavenly Father (He who spearheads our deliverance from these corrupt ways). After all this trouble He has gone to, keep in mind that God didn’t give you new life just so you could waste it in maintaining ties to your old life and its useless ways.

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