Pain brings the necessary “realism” to faith

Faith must not be fragile and need not be weak. Faith is the gateway to the fullness of all we enjoy in Christ, therefore let it be as strong as it can be!

Faith leans heavily on love so that it may enable us to push through anything that the ties of our commitment to Christ may be increased by every means necessary.

Faith excites the heart that one day it will bow before Him and fade into the background of the seeing saint.

Faith is life that fights on because death no more has a hold on us.

Faith is a journey that ratchets up our hope as each step takes us closer to the purifying presence of God that will not cease or be interrupted by any staggering bewilderment or fiercely abusive storms.

Faith is a restlessness that insists we cannot stay on level ground that is so far from the Son; faith is a climb that demands we press on because the mountainside is no place to set up camp; faith is a destination that makes all our efforts and exhaustion to reach the summit a joy that grows with every step we take.

Faith is the ability to face pain and wonder at the realism it brings to our need for and love for God. Faith is able to dive to any depth that His mighty hand allows us to go; faith blesses the Lord for whatever He finds necessary to make our hearts forged in the glory of His name.

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