What is your conversational content communicating?

What have your conversations been looking like lately? What are you sharing with people; what are you both taking away?

It may sound impossible to break down the barriers to Christ in your discussion times or momentary chats, but it may be easier than you think. When Christ is your life and what you are already thinking of and seeking to learn about — even as you apply His truth to your life — you will soon realize that it makes no sense to work double time to keep Him our of your thoughts and restricted from your speech while you are talking with someone who may not naturally talk about God with you.

In the flow of communication about a recent lesson learned or a trial endured or a surprising blessing or impossible victory, you will be able to share what kept you from receiving or making these things possible for yourself and how God went and delivered them to you instead.

When you model Christ by wearing the colors of humility and reverence for God, the world will be attracted to God even while it learns that we are not perfect and we are certainly not the reason that all these things work together for good for us.

Lets get out of the way of the communion that God could be having with the person He has put before us, just as we remember that we are not here to sport our own reputation, but to bring both of our attentions to His reputation.

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