My soul strategies never work

I thought that if I ate enough food that it would go down into my inward points (as the Bible describes our souls) and satisfy and nourish me, but because they were not made to do that, I didn’t have much success.

Spiritually I was starved, though physically I was overcompensating. Needless to say, I knew nothing about balance. I didn’t know where God belonged and I certainly didn’t know where anything else did. I was lost in my own skin.

But I’m sure this isn’t new news for many of us. We all struggle with sin patterns that disrupt our neat little strategies. What we don’t realize is that we are missing the big strategy that works for every person, even targeting and transforming their problems with sin and dissatisfaction.

The strategy is Christ died to sin and we die with Him. We give up our way of rejecting God and focus on His way of transforming us. It really is not all that much about us attaining to a height of glamour and personal glory through sinlessness, but allowing ourselves to be taken in by the One who saves us because His glory brought sin to an end.

Sin is no longer the issue — it can no longer separate us from our Sinless Maker and Sustainer. We are whole when we are stretched out in the form of He who died in the pattern of our brokenness. His death was necessary, His resurrection is essential to our souls being re-birthed into the Spirit of Him who alone provides all that we crave.

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