Sin weighs down a heart in need of holiness

Have you ever experienced what it is to have your heart weighed down by your sin? You may term it as a conscience that is working over time, or guilt that is bothering you, but if this is the case, please don’t miss the blessing here!

Sin is a great burden that rests upon our souls, but how much worse off would our condition be if we didn’t know it. No healing and no comfort could be received because none would be sought; it would not be known that they were even necessary.

What a awful thing it would be if we could not feel the weight of the sin that occupies our hearts! We would think that being without rest for a given moment is normal. We would not day-dream about weightlessness or wish we could feel what it is like to be light.

Now, if what we are speaking of seems a remote predicament — your sin seems to not be a very heavy thing to you — than might I suggest that the longing for holiness has not yet taken over heart your heart?

Holiness is kind of like food — if your spirit is awake it will be hungry for it. Holiness, though we have never experienced it, is what makes us reach out for God. Your soul waits for its redemption — for its hope to be set free in Christ — but your body still holds on to everything that sin and your own ways can give you.

Therefore, Christ is the only One we can trust to deliver us from burdens we have created and not even we would remove if we could. So, if you feel overburdened, or even a little burdened, then waste no time in measuring the weight, but in committing it to Christ and letting Him remove it bit by bit so that you can see just how ensnared you really have been by it.

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