There’s no deficit in the prayer department

Is prayer something that you enjoy or dread? I pray that you know it was never meant to be the latter, but is one of the fullest forms of enjoyment we can have this side of heaven since it unites our hearts with God — that we may love and long to see Him.

Prayer is like boot camp — it puts our whole beings into the paces of preparation for fighting victoriously here and being presented a good and faithful servant there.

Prayer is essentially a matter of making God our great Satisfaction. When we approach Him with our whole heart, the way He tells us to, we will meet Him and receive what we need and most want from Him.

This is not just a matter of moral or religious obligation — this is a matter of voluntarily attending to the only Source of blessing and help that will furnish our souls with life and liberty.

Prayer is after all, where our relationship with God starts. We communicate to Him our appreciation for His willingness to die in our place that we might be delivered from death-row. We extend our hearts to Him in repentance for our sins and acceptance of His forgiveness and life.

Prayer is simple yet also supremely sanctifying. By it God pours out His Holy Spirit in us and we receive the power to live lives that display His goodness and glory. Prayer is a gift of grace — it welcomes us into the inner courts of the Maker of our Universe and bids us to freely fellowship with Him. Every time we engage in this practical and spiritual act we are reminded that we are considered by God as His friends.

As often as we recall how venomous our animosity has been against Him; as often as our sin should remind us of how far we are from knowing and impressing God we should be in awe of God’s tender mercy towards us. Tender because we should not have known anything but the abject terror of God’s wrath, and mercy because nothing should have stood in the way of our full judgment.

When our vision is infiltrated by the character and consequences of Christ, we will eagerly reach out to know Him and what He has for us. And only then will faith be lived out out in us through prayer and every other means of action we do.

Faith is the only thing that will break up the doubts and fears in our hearts that keep us from being effective in prayer. When you believe that God desires to limit what you enjoy, you will pray small prayers. But, when your ideas of God become accurate in belief, you will pray prayers that are powerful in their ability to glorify His grace filled purposes.

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