The art of “being used”

How does one work for God? In my experience God works on us that He may then work through us. There has been a cycle of three convictions that He has regularly used to cause my heart to be possessed by my Lord and Savior to a new degree.

The first is always being satisfied with God. Now, by this I do not a boring acqiescence to having “just” God. Being limited to God is only a deprivation in the weakest sense. It is the chance to see what we could never see if our lives were crouded with unnecessary distraction. It is firming up our faith by practical means: If God really is as great as He says He is than I can afford to let this go to discover more of what all of this means for me. It is an experiment; a pure and privileged opportunity to realize who God is that I might know who I am in Him.

The next sequence is being willing to let God change up what I’m doing. I like predictability and timeliness, but efficiency on God’s scale of values often requires that my definition of these be changed. Each alteration in my activities and concerns addresses the sin-orientation of my heart in a new way. I couldn’t handle everything that He wants to do at once, so converts me by degrees, He corrects me in one area at a time. He knows what I can handle, what will most tenderly and forcefully affect me in the ways that I need to be to receive more of Him. He is always increasing my effectiveness for Him just as He and His mind is perfected in me more and more each day.

The last exercise He does is in enlarging my desire for Him to obtain glory from me and through me. The change that occurs here is in seeing that my whole life is summed up in Him and that He is my richest supply of joy. Because I would be lost without Him, I cling to Him and ask that only one thing would come from my life: He would be recognized as the giver of every blessing that I enjoyed, every trial that brought me closer to Him; that He would be attractive and a curious mystery to anyone that got to see anything that He did through me; that the testimony of how central and essential He is to the life and livelihood of every man and woman that He created would go out through the life-tale of one more humbled person.

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