Beauty ruminates in the dead places known as our souls

Real beauty transcends the captivity of bitterness and death

The beauty of the Christian life is that Life has come to we who were dead and without hope. There couldn’t be anything more beautiful than a God who is ever life-infusing and -reforming our warped spiritual corpses.

With that said, who can agree with me that they would rather be loved because they are inherently beautiful; recognized by God because they are naturally striking than be a recipient of all the above because God is these things though we are not.

It is a difficult case to adopt for most of us, but it is the case that represents the truest sense of who we are, who God is and what His plans are for us.

God did not save us so that He could make a brilliant show of who we are; for how can a description-defying God, who loves holiness and beauty, be satisfied with personally exalting the gore of sin and death that we represent without Him? No, as debasing as it is to us, He chose to save us so that He could make a statement about who He is that can be both seen and heard by the whole world for now and eternity.

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