What if we trusted the Hands that shape the elements of our lives?

Is your life a panorama of blue skies, a sea of calm waters? Is your life a plethora of disjointed principles, a confusion of problems?

To borrow a few questions from my brother: Do you think you’re on the mountain top or in the valley? Or, do you feel like you are skiing freely down the mountain into the valley, or like you are struggling up that mountain, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the weighty pack on your shoulder and the incline yet to be scaled?

Are you missing the glories of your present season because it is hard, uncomfortable and inconsistent with the dreams that you have for yourself?

Yet, what if your life is more than what happens to you and how you perceive it? What if all of it really did make sense for the beauty it presents to anyone who can see God even in the subtleties we often dismiss in personal hardships and trials? What would we see if we pulled out and asked God to share with us His lens on our world?

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