Do I really get what ministry means?

If my concern is about the success of my ministry it is most likely born of a concern for my success. Ministry is not about the success of me or what am I doing. As obvious as this sounds, this perspective does not come to me naturally. I need to be presented with the truth again and again until it wears down my pride and lets me see Christ above all my own personal claims to acclaim.

If everything I am, and everything I do is His work, being meant to point me and everyone who knows me back to Him, then I really don’t figure so greatly in the ministry He conducts through me. If I want everyone observing me to see God from beginning to end, then some of my concentration has to be adjusted. Questions that naturally come to my mind like the following have to be reconstructed:

How did I look?

How do I feel now?

How many rewards do I see?

How has what happened benefited me?

God is welcoming me to become a top functioning organ of His body that lends my best to all the other members. I must not still His hand or the work of His Spirit through me by drawing undue attention to the empty vessels that He chooses to work through.

Therefore, my primary questions in evaluating anything of my life — not the least of which would be personal ministry and influence — should come from an entirely different interest. I must begin and end with God if I should hope that others should exhorted to do the same by their interactions with me:

How did God work to perform this miracle?

How did His Spirit affect hearts (mine being first)?

How is the word of the cross turning us all to His truth?

How is God revealing evidence of the advance His kingdom?

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