Mercy denied is our worst offense

Nothing makes me more interested in mercy than a deepening awareness of my sin. Considering how God should treat me, mercy makes no sense and yet all the all the sense in the world. It makes me cling to God and live according to His judgments because I have seen the unmistakable beauty of His character acting upon me from yhr beginning.

If we misjudge mercy as a little thing we have committed a crime worse than all the sins that first thrust us upon this quality of God. On the other hand, if we assume that mercy is to high a judgment to bridge the gap between us and God, than we do not really have any idea of how much better God is than us.

Where mercy is provided we must not question its relativity but throe ourselves head-long upon it. If there is no hope of it being applied to us, than we truly have nothing else.

If mercy be withheld from us, then we would be back to relying on the merits of our own behavior. If this is what we have to go back on, then our cause is already death — all of our work having already been set as further evidence against us. Sinners born and sinners condemned were ever only sinners dead.

But regardless of our demerrits, mercy stands ready to release us from what we deserve and prepare us for grace which delivers what we don’t deserve. Mercy is guaranteed to we who seek it because Sinless Judge has a Son who is just like Him. The Son needed no mercy from His Father, but chose to step into the place of judgment, taking our position and our vile punishment by declining the mercy so freely available to Him.

Mercy does not depend us but to be welcomed. It cannot be obtained in any other place but where judgment is passed down and carried out not on us but on Christ. We will miss it entirely if we try to find other than on our knees, bending low before the cross that put the death-opposed in the grave for us. There we discover that we are free and now alive when we receive the One who rose from the depths of hell to introduce us to His Father once our Judge but now our closest Friend.

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