Weakness introduces Strength in a most attractive way

Could this God

be enough for you?

Will “yes,” bring

more disappointment

than hope at its end?

Is there reward in seeking

more than you could

gain by yourself?


Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I want to believe

Just the whispers of

My weakened self,

Not the silence

of His Grace.


He is at horizon

Beckoning me

To come see His

Son rise.

But I quickly

look away.



I ask




“Have You

seen me lately?

I am here because

I can’t get up.

I don’t think You

Realize how impossible

It is to meet You like this.”


Then He begins to speak:

“I am not mistaken

When I call your name;

I know that you are weak —

Don’t forget that it was I who

Have made you this way.

I understand you’re afraid —

let Me remind you why

you don’t need to be.

I don’t want you

to miss this,

So I insist:


Yes, even as you are;

And if you find that you still cannot,

My child, take as your own My strength.”

4 thoughts on “Weakness introduces Strength in a most attractive way

  1. We still can’t quite assume that I could often be one of those studying the important points found on your site. My family and I are sincerely thankful for your generosity and for presenting me opportunity pursue my own chosen career path. Thanks for the important information I obtained from your site.

    1. I am so grateful to God for blessing you as He has even by using the words you have read here. I hope and pray that He would continue to display to all of you His faithfulness in a most personal way.

  2. kudos to you for writing such an amazin blog my friend, you are very talented & you should be proud of your writing skills! I’m sure you got a high score on the sats lol

    1. I’m so glad that you have appreciated what you have read here. It would be the most absurd thing for me to boast that writing is a gift apart from my Lord — it is so lately that I could do not do anything significant with this craft. Everything that blesses here only witnesses to God’s kindness — He told me to wait on Him while I had nothing and He would give me what to say; so yes, I am blessed! I pray that whatever you read here will remind you of the beauty that God is weaving into your own life story. 🙂

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