The Storm can only be a witness to my God’s unshakable strength

Does the storm shake you?

What does God look like in your storm? The Bible calls Him the Lion of Judah, the one who does not grow weak or weary, the Lamb of our salvation who changes not. Is that what you see?

When the stormy gusts rush through, rattling your soul, do you look into the depths of chaos before which you can do nothing, or do you turn and satisfy yourself with the beautiful order and calm emanating from our Lord?

If you are missing His mercies, maybe its time to ask yourself, Am I truly taking shelter under His wing or am I needlessly missing the comforts awaiting me there?

Unshakable. Is that what you see in your God, or are you trying to keep an eye on both Him and the happenings around you?

Are you missing the fact that He has reared the storm you’re in to confront you and your life-watchers with who His wonders? Do you forget the One you serve is the same God who wooed Jacob with a wrestling match and brought justice to Pharoah’s slaves by coming to Egypt in the spirit of death?

The might and love of God that we see in places where only He can stand are strong enough to change the world, beginning with our own hearts. Why? Because watching God becomes a journey in itself.

If the image we have of God is of a being quite like us in depth and form and devise, than it is no wonder that we fear the storm we are in is too big. And yet, the God that we serve is at once in the storm that touches us, and in the heart that is touched.

It is love to excite us in the deepest places of our beings so that He might be invited there. Only Love would draw close to to all of our ugliness and gore.

Indeed, the blackest parts of the storm are not the places that remove the sun from me, but the ones  in which I have removed the Son from myself. And in walking me through these regions He allows me to be disturbed by what disturbs Him. There is nothing to be feared in the evil around me or the events over which I have no control. What keeps me in turmoil is the evil in my life that I am responsible for — the frightful motions of a heart without the fullness of God-knowledge.


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