Quitting time is here again

Any thing else just isn't an option

Quit telling Me what my limits are, God told me today. This isn’t the first time. But, I struggle with this idea of God being unconfined by anything that I think is a boundary for His work because it exists in my life.

Quit thinking that I can’t love you to pieces and put you together again, this time My way; this time so much better than you were before you were broken.

Quit telling Me with your prayers that you will live with less than what I want to give you; the excuses you make for Me do not please Me.

Quit equating My perfect love with nothing and nothing with My perfect love; your reasoning cannot tell the glories of what it means to know Me.

Quit expecting that if I am loving You completely I can’t give you much besides; that I can not be letting you experience the full capacity of My love if you have anything else with it.

Quit thinking you are some sort of expert on Me and what I can do in your life just because you’ve seen a few things; you have a lot to learn yet.

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